Bonito Trophy – winners

Awarded on points to the N.O.D.D. Helmsman over 60 years for all Class Races on the Yare during the Winter Season (50% to count)

2023 D. Tyrrell (Twinkle)
2012-2022   D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2011            R Johnson (Coot)
2010            J. Atkinson (Mayfly)
2009            G. Coulthard (Wild Duck)
2008            J. Ellis (Rainbow)
2007           Mrs J. Hubbard (Rum Un)
2005-6        G. Coulthard (Wild Duck)
2000-4        A. D. Mitchell (Joy)
1999           G. Coulthard (Wild Duck)
1993-8        A.D. Mitchell (Joy)
1992           P. Hornagold (Heron)
1991           A.G. Mann (Rainbow)

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