Enterprise Challenge Bowl – winners

From 2014 awarded to the winning Norfolk helmsman in the second race points series (Series 2) held at Thorpe from October to Year end

2023 S. Archer (Kelpie)
2021-22   D. Mackley (Lucifer)  
2020        S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2018-19  D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2015-17  S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2014        Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)

Originally awarded on Points for Races sailed in Enterprise One-design Dinghies during the winter season at Thorpe

 1957-8    G. Towler (Cushag)
1958-9    A. Jeffries (Bokki)
1959-61  J. Tapscott (Etoile)
1961-2    L. Gee (Hairy Bee)
1962-3    J. Parfitt (Mowgli II)
1963-4    P. Dyson (Yippee)
1964-6    J. Parfitt (Mowgli II)
1966-8    J. Gilburt (Blowin’)
1969       D. Knights (Hairy Bee)
1970-1    B. Riley (And All That)
1972       R. Pratt (Saxon)
1973       B. Riley (And All That)
1974       L. Barnett (Scheherazade)
1975       P. Tegerdine (Bishibarnibee)
1976-7    B. Riley (Toot Sweet)
1978       B. Riley (Toot Sweet) & N. Bowles (Stride)
1979       N. Bowles (Stride)
1980       B. Riley (Toot Sweet)
1981-2    R. Johnson (Arapaho)
1983-9    D. Frary (Toccata)
1990       M. Frary (Toccata)
1991-4    No Race
1995       S. Highfield (Midnight Mushroom)
1996       D. Goodwin (Carpe Diem)
1997       P. Highfield (Midnight Mushroom)
1998-2000   D. Goodwin (Carpe Diem)
2001       Mrs P. Woodcock (Copii)

From 2002 to be awarded on Points for Enterprise/Wayfarer Races during the winter season at Thorpe
2002        Mrs P Woodcock (Copii)
2003        R. Joy (Obsession)
2004-05  B. Woodcock (Copii)
2006-7    R. Joy (Obsession)
2008-13  Not awarded

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