Fawcett Salver – winners

From 2023 awarded to novices in an improver race series

2023 No Race

Originally restricted to Lady Members who support Winter Racing at Thorpe and awarded to the winner of a special race

1955-8    Miss Y.E. Bentall (Twinkle)
1959       Miss P. Brett (Simgra)
1960       Miss Y.E. Bentall (Etoile)
1961       Miss E. Bentall (Twinkle)
1962       Miss J. Tusting (Coot)
1963       Miss E. Bentall (Harnser)
1964       Miss W. Chamberlin (Elver)
1965       Mrs P. Darley (Ti’dapa)
1966       Miss W. Chamberlin (Herewego)
1967       Mrs P. Landamore (Ti’dapa)
1968       Mrs J. Darkins (Hilary II)
1969       Miss J.M. Tusting (Coot)
1970       Mrs M. Broom (Tideway)
1971       Miss Wendy Chamberlin (Twinkle)
1972       Miss Susan Middleton (Elver)
1973       Miss Jenny Points (Rainbow)
1974       Miss Rosemary Mann (Rainbow)
1975       Mrs M. Broom (Tideway)
1976       Miss S. Greenwood (Wee Simby)
1977       Miss J. Points (Brown Jane)
1978       Miss A. Suggett (Wee Simby)
1979       Miss J. Riley (Brown Jane)
1980-1    Mrs A. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1982-3    No Race
1984-6    Mrs A. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1987       No Race
1988-9    Mrs A. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1990-2    Mrs A. Mackley (Lucifer)
1993-4    No Race
1995       Mrs J. Hubbard (Rum ‘Un)
1996       Miss A. Willows (Twinkle)
1997       No Race
1998       Mrs J. Hubbard (Rum ‘Un)
1999       No Race
2000-1    Mrs P. Woodcock (Copii)
2002       Mrs J. Hubbard (Rum ’Un)
2003       Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)
2004       Mrs J. Hubbard (Rum ’Un)
2005       Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)
2006       Mrs P. Woodcock (Copii)
2007       Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)
2008-09  Mrs P.  Woodcock (Echo)
2010       Mrs S. Grief (Brambling)
2011       Mrs J. Hubbard (Penelope Jane)
2012       Mrs W. Bush (Coot)
2013       Mrs J. Edwards (Minnie)
2014       Mrs W. Bush (Coot)
2015       Mrs P. Woodcock (Whereabout)
2016       Mrs K. George (Lucifer)
2017       Mrs S. Grief (Brambling)
2018       Mrs P. Woodcock (Whereabout)
2019       Miss E. Edwards (Minnie)
2021-22  No Race

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