Foulsham Fool Trophy – winners

From 2014 awarded to the winning Norfolk helmsman in the second race points series (Series 4) held at Thorpe from New Year to Season end.

2023 S. Archer (Kelpie)
2022    D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2021   No Race
2020   D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2019   K. Edwards (Minnie)
2018   Mrs. P. Woodcock (Whereabout)

2016-17  Mrs. K. George (Lucifer)
2014-5    S. Woodcock (Kelpie)

Originally awarded to the winner of the N.O.D.D. races in the Open Autumn Regatta

1999-2002       D. Mackley
2003-4     No Race

From 2005 awarded for Enterprise/Wayfarer races from October to year end

2005       R. Joy (Obsession)
2006       H. Joy (Tai Presto)
2007        R. Joy (Obsession)
2008-13  No Race

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