Founders Cup – winners

Awarded to the winner of a designated Allcomers race early in the season, boat and personal handicaps

2023 S. Archer (Kelpie)
2022       Mrs S. Grief (Brambling)
2021       D. Yapp (Dodman)
2020       D. Tyrrell (Twinkle)
2019       M. Lees (Wee Simby)
2018       R. Johnson (Coot)
2017       Mrs K. George (Lucifer)
2015-16  S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2014       R. Johnson (Coot)
2010-13  Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)
2009       C. Jeckells (Cockle)     
2008       J. Tyrrell (Twinkle)
2007       R. Joy (Obsession)     
2006       H. Joy (Tai Presto)
2005       M. King-Davies (Wee Simby)
2003-4    D. Yapp (Dodman)

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