Leigh Trophy – winners

From 2014 awarded to the winning Norfolk helmsman on points for all Downriver races Thorpe to Downstream finish line as set by OOD.

2021-23     S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2020           No Race
2019           S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2016-18     D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2015 S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
2014     D. Mackley (Lucifer)

Origionally awarded on points for races sailed in Enterprise dinghies from Oct. to end of year

 1985       D. Frary (Toccata)
1986       C. Bunn (Chippas Mate)
1987-8    D. Frary (Toccata)
1989       M. Frary (Toccata)
1990-1    No Race

From 1993 awarded for downriver races from Thorpe-Bramerton (Best 3 of 4 to count) in Norfolk Dinghies

1993-6         D. Mackley (Lucifer)
1997            J. Tyrrell (Twinkle)
1998            D. Mackley (Lucifer)
1999-2001   G. Coulthard (Wild Duck)
2002-06       D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2007            Miss K. Mackley (Lucifer)
2008-09       D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2010            D. Yapp (Dodman)
2011-12       D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2013            S. Woodcock (Kelpie)

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