Mackintosh Mug – winners

For racing in N.O.D.D. on Rum Punch and Boxing Day at Thorpe
Aggregate of both days’ points to count
To be won outright by three successive wins of four wins in all by the same helmsman in same boat

1954       C. Thurgar (Jane)
1955-6    J. Clabburn (Ti’dapa)
1957       C. Thurgar (Jane) and J. Butcher (Whereabout)
1958       S. Bushell (Herewego)
1959       T. Whelpton (Mary Lou)
1960-1    M. Broom (Tideway)
1962       J. Clabburn (Ti’dapa)
1963       C. Wilson (Harnser)
1964       Mrs C. Whelpton (Condor)
1965       C.E. Carter (Dragonfly)
1966-7    C. Wilson (Harnser)
1968       Tom Percival (Windy) and S.C. Bushell (Herewego)
1969       M.C. Broom (Tideway)
1970       C. Wilson (Harnser)               Won Outright

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