Norfolks Cup – winners

For team racing between the Norfolk Broads Yacht Club and the Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club each year

2020-22  No Racing
2018-19  Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
2015-17  No Racing
2014       Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
2013       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
2010-12  Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
2008-09  Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
2004-07  Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
2003       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1990-2002   Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1986-89  Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1984-5    Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1978-83  Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1977       Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1968-76  Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1965-7    Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1963-4    Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1962       Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1960-1    Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1958-9    Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1957       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1956       Norfolk Broads Yacht Club
1953-5    Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club

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