Presidents Plate – winners

From 2013 awarded to the helmsman sailing the most number of races without winning another trophy.

2023 P. Board (Pixie)
2022        B. Woodcock (Echo)
2021        P. Board (Pixie)
2020        S. Ellingham (Willa)
2019        Mrs P. Woodcock (Echo)
2018        Mrs S. Grief (Brambling)
2016-17  D. Tyrrell (Twinkle)
2013-15  J. Ellis (Rainbow)

Originally awarded to the winning team at the Annual Open Enterprise week-end at Thorpe

1959       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1960-3    Norfolk Broads Sailing Club
1964       Horning Sailing Club
1965       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1966-7    Horning Sailing Club
1968       Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
1969-70  Norwich Youth
1971       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1972       Norfolk Broads Sailing Club
1973       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1974-6    Buckenham Sailing Club
1977       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1978       Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
1979-80  Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1981       Buckenham Sailing Club
1982       Norwich Frostbite Sailing Club
1983       Waveney & Oulton Broad Yacht Club
1984       No Race

From 1986 awarded exclusively to other than N.O.D. dinghies in the Power Station Race

1986       K. Edwards (Sundowner)
1987-9    D. Frary (Toccata)
1990       M. Frary (Toccata)
1991-4    No Race
1995       S. Highfield (Midnight Mushroom)
1996-7    D. Goodwin (Carpe Diem)
1998       B. Woodcock (Copii)
1999       J. Reed (Not Again Dad)
2000-01  D. Goodwin (Carpe Diem)
2002       Mrs P. Woodcock (Copii)
2003       H. Joy (Tai Presto)
2004No Race
2005       Mrs. P. Woodcock (Copii)
2006-07  R. Joy (Obsession)
2008-13  No Race

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