Steward & Patteson Cup – winners

From 2014 awarded to the winning Norfolk helmsman in the first race points series (Series 3) held at Thorpe from New Year to Season end

 2022-23     S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
 2021          No Race
 2019-20     S. Woodcock (Kelpie)
 2014-18     D. Mackley (Lucifer)

Originally awarded to the winning Norfolk One-Design Dinghy at Thorpe during the Winter season

                1948-9    W. Mahony (White Wings)
1949-51  R.O. Clark, (Herewego)
1951-3    M. Broom (Tideway)
1953-4    J. Clabburn (Ti’dapa)
1954-6    M. Broom (Tideway)
1956-7    J. Butcher (Whereabout)
1957-8    J. Clabburn (Ti’dapa)
1958-74  M. Broom (Tideway)
1975       M. Broom (Tideway) & D. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1976       D. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1977-9    M. Broom (Tideway)
1980-5    D. Mackley (Wee Simby)

From 1986 awarded on points for races sailed in Norfolk Dinghies from New Year to April

1986-7    D. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1988       M. Thwaites (Black Velvet)
1989       D. Mackley (Wee Simby)
1990-4    D. Mackley (Lucifer)
1995       D. Mackley (Lucifer) & K. Edwards (Minnie)
1996       D. Mackley (Lucifer) & G. Coultard (Wild Duck)
1997-2008   D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2009        K. Edwards (Minnie)
2010       I. Tims (Cockle)
2011       D. Mackley (Lucifer)
2012       K. Edwards (Minnie)
2013       D. Mackey (Lucifer)

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