Sailing Instructions


All racing will be covered by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024, except as amended by these Sailing Instructions.

INSURANCE. All yachts competing in events organised by the Club must be adequately insured with Third Party Cover of at least one million pounds. The Committee reserves the right at their discretion, to request sight of evidence of such insurance, or, to require an owner to sign a Declaration that such insurance is held.

THE OFFICER OF THE DAY is to be in sole charge of racing, as to courses to be sailed and for any alterations save where governed by special rules. He shall be the Race Officer, or in his absence, the senior Flag Officer or Member of the Sailing Committee present on the line, unless otherwise especially appointed.

HANDICAPS.  In all Handicap races the Sailing Committee has power to adjust the allowance of any yacht or helmsman as may be necessary. Handicaps will be subject to revision monthly or more often at the discretion of the Sailing Committee. In the case of a yacht or helmsman not regularly sailing at the Club the Officer of the Day is empowered to fix a temporary handicap.

THE STARTING LINE may be a line A, B, or C (shown on Club plan) or a line indicated by two posts on one side of the river with one post on the opposite side. When a line away from the Clubhouse is used the International Code flag “Q” will be flown on the Clubhouse signal hoist.

THE FINISHING LINE for all races will be line B

MARKS. The top mark “T” will be positioned upriver from the Clubhouse, the lower mark “L” will be positioned downriver from the Clubhouse.  Additional marks may be laid; the top-middle mark “TM” will be between the top mark and the Clubhouse, and the lower-middle mark “LM” will be between the lower mark and the Clubhouse.

COURSES will be indicated at the Club Starting Line by boards showing the order by which marks will be rounded, the background colour (red or green), indicating that the mark should be passed to port or starboard respectively. The course boards will be followed by black board with a white number indicating the number of rounds to be sailed.  An “X” preceding the course displayed will indicate that the first mark will be ignored on the first round only.

THE START: Rule 26 will not apply. Races will be started using the following procedure:-

Signals shall be made at 5 minute intervals and timings to be taken from the visual signals.

10 minutes before start – Warning signal, class flag raised accompanied by sound signal.

5 minutes before start – Preparatory signal, Code flag P raised accompanied by sound signal.

Start – Both flags lowered accompanied by sound signal.

When two or more races are starting the Preparatory flag will remain flying until the last start.

In the case of a General recall the Class and P flags for any following starts will be lowered immediately.

STARTERS: A single yacht shall not rank as a starter.

SIGNALS will be made with International Code Flags as prescribed in the N & SBA Green Book except as prescribed for Split Starts. Attention will be drawn thereto by whistle, gun, bell, hooter or other audible signal.

TWO MINUTE RULE: For all Club Points races a Two Minute Rule will apply. In the two minutes preceding a start any yacht over the line is liable to disqualification at the discretion of the Race Officer. This rule does not apply to Team Races or Open Events.  (No sound or visual signals will be given as this rule is always in force.)

SPLIT STARTS:  When the number of Norfolk Dinghies intending to race is too large the Start will be in two Divisions at 5 minute intervals at the discretion of the Race Officer.  Helmsmen intending to race will draw lots to determine their start, A or B. When a race is split into two divisions the first start will be indicated by code flag “U”,  the second start by code flag “Y”.  Responsibility for starting in the correct division will rest solely with the helmsman. Dinghies starting incorrectly will not rank as starters.

SPLIT STARTS AND ALLCOMERS RACES:  When races are run at five minute intervals, all yachts shall be off their moorings by the five minute signal for the first division of the race.

GENERAL RECALLS will be in accordance with Rule 29.2.

SHORTENING COURSE will be in accordance with Rule 32 and will be signalled with the Class Flag and code flag “S” and a double audible signal. The finish will be when the leading yacht next crosses the Finish line.

TOUCHING A MARK penalty will be in accordance with rules 31 & 44

PROTESTS:  Boats under 6 meter length are no longer required to fly a Protest Flag but must inform the other boat at the first reasonable opportunity as detailed in Rule 61:1.

a) Notice to Protest, accompanied by a deposit of £1, must be lodged with the Officer of the Day immediately after completion of the race., unless the offending yacht has exonerated herself in accordance with rule 44.2, and must comply with the requirements of rules 60 – 62.

b) Details in accordance with Rule 61.3 must be lodged within 30 minutes of the finish of the protesting yacht (time may be extended at discretion of the Officer of the Day)

c) The Protest Committee shall consist of at least three members to be appointed by the Sailing committee.

DECLARATIONS shall not be required except at the discretion of the Sailing Committee.


a)  For all long series trophies awarded on points, 50% of available races to count.

b)  Open Meetings and short series trophies will be governed by published Rules.

c)     In all races the Low Points system will be used as per rule A4.   The first yacht shall receive 1 point and each following yacht one point more. Rule A4.2 shall be modified as follows:- Yachts retiring shall receive one point more than the total number of entries. Disqualified yachts shall receive three points more than the total number of entries.

d)    Team racing results shall be in accordance with Appendix D of the Team Racing Rules.

e)    Ties will be split in accordance with rules A8.1 and A8.2.

ROWING CRAFT: All yachts are asked to assist in giving passage to rowing craft.

COMMERCIAL VESSELS: Racing yachts shall give free passage to all Commercial Vessels using the river. To do this paddles may be used, but if in the opinion of the Officer of the Day an unfair advantage is gained, the helmsman may be disqualified.

ENTRANCE FEES AND PRIZES: In all races where Entrance Fees are required, these must be paid before the Warning signal for the race, otherwise the yacht will not be considered as a starter. In races where prizes are awarded, five yachts to start or no third prize to be given,  four yachts to start or no second prize to be given.

BUOYANCY AIDS:  Helmsmen and crews of all  yachts shall wear a personal buoyancy aid when sailing or racing under the jurisdiction of the Club during the Winter season.

BUOYANCY: The attention of all helmsmen is drawn to their Class Rules regarding the security and adequacy of buoyancy tanks/bags in their yachts.

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